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Panda Cloud Systems (PCS)

Mission Statement: To design cloud software solutions in both desktop and mobile environments customized to any business. Allowing for full smart automation of running every day tasks in a quick and accurate fashion.

AWS Custom software: (AWS) – Using Amazon AWS cloud solutions, PCS can help deliver a customized automation tool for your business. Weather you are replying to customer service emails, entering information from vendor emails, invoicing, billing and much more. PCS can build fully customized software that can fully automate all your back office operations. Never again will you be at the mercy of a single employee nor will you have to deal with human errors which cost your business money. Take vacation you never thought possible before.



PCS helps develop many customized software apps helping medium to large manufacturers and distributors create a high impact product catalog fit for today’s e-commerce demands and online search scores. Whether you are selling directly to consumers or on a wholesale level we have the stuff to get you to succeed in an ever-changing environment. Here are some of our most popular solutions. Please contact us to discuss any App design project you have in mind for your company.


Cloudnine (CN) is a web based app designed by PCS specifically for the manufacturer or distributor of single or multiple brands which is looking to drop ship e-commerce orders of customers directly to their buyers. The app is designed to be fully automated so that you can continue to focus your business on the important tasks rather than on processing drop ship orders manually.

  • CN allows users to create virtual warehouse locations which automatically choose the closest location to the buyer allowing for quick and inexpensive delivery. This will result in high satisfaction and increased sales.
  • CN integrates directly with your customer’s shipping accounts (i.e UPS, Fedex etc) which will eliminate surprise shipping costs, adjustments etc. The customer will simply pay you directly for the goods shipped and will get billed for shipping directly from carrier(s).
  • CN interface offers a fully functional monitoring dashboard accessible to both you and your customers from any web browser. The dashboard provides a full view of Open (unshipped) orders, as well as shipped, backordered, processing or other customer statuses which are easy to add or configure. This includes tracking numbers as well as alert for unscanned shipping labels, Undeliverable returned packages or  other shipping exceptions.
  • CN is compatible with virtually any existing inventory solution, eliminating the need to implement and learn a whole new point of sale or inventory system within your organization.
  • CN is compatible with virtually any existing billing or accounting software to once again make the implementation and operation seamless and easy to use.
  • CN will simply create a shipping label and packing slip to the processing warehouse. Packing slips can be configured with bar codes or any other tracking tool which are currently being used by your company to process conventional orders. You will have the option at this point to either pack and ship the drops ships organically or to outsource to fulfillment warehouse.


In summary: CN is a must have in today’s e-commerce centric market, for any manufacturer and/or distributor who is looking to land the biggest accounts. Having CN in your arsenal will be a key to maximizing your next trade show booth. CN will simply allow you to say yes to the most complex drop shipping requests of your customers even if you know absolutely nothing about processing e-commerce orders.

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Private Label (PL)

PL is a web based software app designed by PCS specifically for brand manufacturers selling directly on Amazon in both FBA or FBM. PL will allow you to accelerate your Amazon private label business while protecting your listing ASINS and brand. A One stop solution for gaining product reviews and optimizing search results. PL will also allow for a unique approach to pricing since most private label listings do not have competition or fight for buybox.

  • In conjunction with multiple partners PL is designed to get you the highest quality reviews possible that will have a BIG impact your rankings and sales in Amazon. PL ensures quality reviews and give you control over the whole process start to finish.
  • PL offers a state of the art smart and fully automated pricing solutions. Instead of flying blind or simply guessing which is the correct price. PL will price your listings based on historical sales and current market data, and find the exact price for optimum profit. This price is constantly updated according to any relevant market changes.
  • Since a big risk of private label selling on Amazon is either running out of inventory too fast or worse getting caught with slow moving or stale stock. PL allows the user to set rules for the desired “sales pace”. The software then does all the work 24/7 without any further input.
  • PL offers a easy to use web based user interface. There is no need for complex rule sets or data sheet uploads. User simply enters their desired minimum and maximum profit margins and the app does the rest of the work. PL takes into account all of the commissions in each category as well as the listing optimizations which are based on price such as conversion rates and other key measures implemented by Amazon which determine your product’s search placement.
  • PL monitors your listings 24/7 for unwarranted sellers “jumping” your ASINS without your authority. Allowing you to take direct action either with conventional tools or optimized tool offered by the PCS Brand Protector (PB) software app.

In Summary: PL is a vital part of any manufacturer or private label merchant selling on Amazon. Whether you wish to list in FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (fulfillment by merchant), PL will help you achieve the highest ranking possible for your products in the Amazon A9 search algorithm. Entering this market without PL on your side is equivalent to flying a plane without a pilot. Most likely your listing will become stale and get zero to no exposure.

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Brand Protector (BP):

BP is a fully automated web based app and service designed specifically to help manufacturers protect their brand from the rogue pricing and counterfeit selling of their products online. Unlike legal firms or agencies who promise to achieve a similar objective, BP is specifically designed to use software to combat the many tricks of the sellers and to expose the distributors who are fueling their sourcing needs.

  • BP offers an easy to use interface which allows user to set MAP and other selling restrictions for a particular product ASIN (for Amazon) or UPC for other online marketplaces.
  • The BP Interface allows the mfr to whitelist and blacklist specific seller names or marketplaces which sell their products. Once this information in entered, the software does the rest. User can even assign serial numbers sold to specific distributors in cases where this information is recorded.
  • Once all the rules are set by user above, BP software engine monitors the entire online selling community 24/7 for any violations. It can be set to either simply alert of these violation or to actively “shop” or purchase the goods directly to a virtual location which identifies the source and allows manufacturer to take the needed action to insure these violation no longer occur.
  • BP software will work closely with the web site registrants or marketplace provider (i.e Amazon, Ebay) to shut down unauthorized sellers or sellers selling counterfeit products of your brand.

In Summary: Since online sellers have access to automated techniques and software for hiding their violations, Manufacturers must equip themselves with the same tactics in order to catch and remove them. BP uses the entered rules and parameters of your choice and does the rest of the work. Seller’s will have no place to run or hide. Within a few months your company will be able to have a fully protected online brand.

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Shipstation Companion (SC):

If you are currently an e-commerce company which uses Shipstation to print your shipping labels or drop shipping, this product is a must have. Using the Shipstation API resources SC will “juice” Shipstation and help you free up time and create a more streamlined shipping approach.

  • SC can capture Purchase Order #’s and tracking #’s directly from emails. No longer will your staff need to enter in this information sifting through your supplier emails.
  • SC can allow you to set triggers into the Shipstation Custom fields which will allow you to send automated emails to your buyers in a preset format, frequency and other rules.
  • Currently selling on a store or marketplace not supported by Shipstations. SC can create a custom store and auto download the order information into Shipstation
  • Fully automate drop shipments or Purchase orders to vendors which can follow any ruleset needed for your business needs. All while allowing you to monitor activity right within Shipstation.


Established in 2014 by CEO Yaniv Hassoun, Panda Cloud Systems (PCS) has successfully designed over 200 customized Apps, helping to automate simple customer service replies as well as complex machine learning scripts across multiple platforms.
PCS has a solution for every business size and budget. We provide free consultation. Once we learn your business needs, there is little to no input needed from clients to complete given tasks. You will finally have access to all the great software the big guys use at a tenth of the price.

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